Welcome to MareAstra, where we invite you to explore every enchanting facet of Cambodia's coastline and islands. We offer you a chance to savor the untamed beauty of secluded beaches and the comforts of welcoming beachfront hotels.

Our fleet of cozy and convenient tourist schooners is designed for those who seek the leisurely pace of boat journeys over high-speed yachts. On our trips, you'll have time to revel in the company of loved ones, bask in island beauty, witness breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, dream beneath starlit skies, swim in azure waters beneath a cerulean sky, enjoy beachside barbecues, and find tranquility on untouched shores. Dive into adventures like fishing and snorkeling, suitable for both experts and novices.
MareAstra: Navigating Your Dreams
We unveil hidden gems that lie beyond the typical tourist paths, including islands and beaches off-limits tomost travelers. Our experienced captains and warm-hearted crews ensure your comfort and safety throughout your voyage.
Discover the Uncharted
Beyond idyllic marine getaways, MareAstra offers professional consulting and field management
Beyond the Waves: Consultation & Management
From motorboat acquisition and customization to maintenance and procurement, our expertise extends to commercial fishing and crab harvesting startups.

We provide comprehensive support, from corporate and legal guidance to financial aid and marketing assistance, bolstered by thorough research resources.

Our services encompass transport coordination, inventory oversight, trademark management, and digital-electronic market insigh.
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